Photography in Monaco is a special kind of Photography, because in Monaco, professional Photography in a Photo Studio always means dealing with a lack of room that entails some restrictions.

With our mobile Photo studio, we therefore offer a great alternative. Depending on the situation and the project, we can spontaneously put up our Photo Studio in hotel suites, yachts, halls or any other place our clients can think of. Thanks to our mobile studio, we are able to provide Photography Services almost anywhere in Monaco, France or Italy, even at short notice. As Hotel Photographers, we can look back on many years of experience in working with Hotel Photo Studios. Mobile Photography has various advantages and an enormous creative potential. It's nothing but the perfect option to use the wonderful atmosphere of luxury hotels, residences, buildings or luxury yachts for our mobile Photo Studio in Monaco!

Portrait Photography with Jennifer photographed by photographers in Monaco with a mobile photo studio

Portrait Photography captures all facets of a Photo model's personality in one single shot.

Portrait Photography captures the entire personality

Portrait Photography is all about focusing on the eyes of a Photo Model.
We use soft light to make the model's skin look stunningly beautiful. Hard light creates light reflections and is perfect for head and contour lighting.

From working with Photo Models and artists we know how to make a person's features stand out and how to add some flavor to Portrait Photos. In Monaco, of course, there are luxury hotels, the casino, luxury yachts and cultural highlights, but there are also very interesting people. We would love to work with celebrities, artists, athletes, movie stars, beauties, Photo models and private persons to shoot timeless Portrait Photos with an artistic touch. Our Portrait Photos capture a person's unique personality and create lasting memories. Photo: Portrait Photography Jennifer

Charismatic Portrait Photography for social networks like Facebook

Charismatic Portrait Photography for social networks like Facebook, on your own homepage, in brochures or in press reports will be impossible without charismatic Portrait Photography.

Photography is the art of painting with light

Photography is painting with light. Photographers know how light can help present an object in the best possible way and how it can create different moods. Just like famous painters, Photographers develop a distinctive individual style. How a Photographer uses light and thereby offers a new interpretation of an object makes him nothing but a real artist – an artist painting with light.

Charismatic portrait photography photographed by photographer in Monaco

Charismatic portrait photography with a photo model

Charismatic portrait photography

Facebook is the perfect means of communication for everyone who'd like to promote themselves, their business, services or products. Freelancers, artists, musicians and movie stars use Facebook to stay in touch with fans and clients. High-quality Portrait Photography and Advertising Photography can impress potential clients and win their hearts without using a single word. If you're planning an event, don't forget to invite your Facebook contacts. If you're looking for new customers or clients, you can place tailor-made advertising on Facebook and manage your campaigns and activities with the Ads Manager. As trained Media Designers, we'd be glad to create a Facebook page for your business or for a Photo Model, or a Facebook fan page. People and brands gain popularity and stay in the spotlight by publishing interesting news and stunning Photography on their Facebook pages. High-quality charismatic Photography is key to every successful presentation!

Fashion photography with Photo Model in Monaco with the Prince's Palace in the background

Fashion Photography with Photo Model

World-class Photography as source of inspiration

World-class Photography as source of inspiration for your own Photography projects. Using impressive Photos to find inspiration for your personal Photography dreams.

Famous Photographers, fashion magazines, lifestyle magazines and designers like Karl Lagerfeld have left their marks on Fashion Photography with their extraordinary styles. Start collecting all the Photos you love to set up a source of creativity and inspiration! Whenever you feel it's time to put your ideas into practice, contact us and we'll organize a Photo Shoot. We're experienced Photographers specialized in thematic Photography like enchanting Photography or artistic Photography. We're there to make your dreams come true! Helmut Newton had an own source of inspiration: a collection of Monaco paparazzi Photography which he had found in Italian magazines. With his unique style, the Berlin-born Photographer sparked a revolution in Fashion Photography like no other Photographer of his time. One of Helmut Newton's distinguishing features was that his Photos always revealed the whole character of a woman and showed models full of pride. There is an exhibition of works by Helmut Newton at the Museum of Photography in Berlin. Use Photography to find inspiration – we will help you realize your Photography ideas and visions!

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