Media Designers have excellent artistic and technical skills. They develop individual advertising concepts and create promotional material. As marketing managers, they provide lasting support for advertising campaigns until they’re successful. We offer Advertising Design with advertising Photography, advertising texts, reports about novelties, website creation, brochures, online marketing and video marketing.

Media Designer in Monaco design responsive websites and promotional material for discriminating clients from all industries

Media Designer design websites

Media Designer design responsive websites and promotional material for discriminating clients from all industries.

What’s so special about the services we provide as Media Designers?

We work on location at the client's place, if possible, or in a local hotel. The Media Designer will bring the equipment as previously agreed. Everything will be tailored to the client’s individual needs and requests. Whenever there are questions, modifications or adaptations, working closely together on location will be of great benefit and guarantee successful long-lasting business relations. As Photographer, Film Maker and Journalist, I work on client's request all across Monaco and the French Riviera and at shows and events such as TOP MARQUES MONACO, MONACO YACHT SHOW or the Monaco Grand Prix.

Why look for a Media Designer in Monaco?

Why look for a Media Designer in Monaco? Our services are suited to the needs of clients who would like to bring their unique ideas to life through high-quality Media Designing and who value personal support. Clients will be impressed by the results we create which are nothing like the ordinary standard services they get everywhere else. In Monaco on the Côte d'Azur, people often look for the special thing. My job is to make individual client requests come true, and that’s why I can’t wait to work with creative individualists with extraordinary ideas in mind. If you’d like to work with a flexible advertising agency in Monaco, the services I provide as Media Designer are exactly what you’re looking for. I run a Media Design business Action-Team Schön in Pforzheim, Germany. Upon client’s request, I travel to France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Switzerland or any other place where clients are looking for a professional and creative Media Designer, Graphic Designer or Photographer.

Media Designer creates image advertising in Monaco

A possible client request from a Monaco business interested in image advertising services could be as follows: As provider of exclusive trips to the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix, we need a business website with high-quality Photos and texts about trips to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Photos of suites and rooms in hotels such as the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo or the Fairmont Hotel with a view over the race track are perfect for advertising purposes. Advertising Photography shows the exclusive lifestyle of our Russian clients in Monaco. Participants of the event are photographed at the champagne reception in the hotel, meetings, formal dinners and when they get together with Formula 1 drivers during the Monaco Grand Prix. We use Photos of major sites in Monaco as background images. Photos of cultural events in Monaco are very useful for successful image advertising. If you’re looking for a Media Designer to put your business in the best light through high-quality image advertising, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Media Designer for different mediums of communication

The job of a Media Designer is to use different mediums of communication for marketing purposes. It all starts with the idea of creating successful advertising materials for products or services. Advertising strategies, professional corporate designs, advertising photography and online videos which are spread through video portals like YouTube are supposed to evoke emotions in viewers. When a business tries to sell goods or services, it’s essential to get in contact with potential clients. Media Designers use the concept of multi media marketing to sell products or services simultaneously through different channels, so that they reach the hearts of clients and increase client loyalty. That’s why social networks such as Facebook or other business networks are a great way to sell goods and services and to stay in touch with the clients. A fan page on Facebook is vital for a good ranking on Google or other search engines and an indispensable part of image advertising for businesses. Advertisements on Facebook, events, competitions and status messages can help raise brand awareness.

Media Designer creates unique websites in Monaco

Media Designer creates unique websites using the latest technologies and popular social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The rapid developments in online technologies, brand new apps and the way we use the internet are constantly changing our information society. Therefore, the design of a home page always has to be kept up-to-date. Websites have to be built and optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. Apple, HTC, Samsung, SONY and Nokia smartphones feature full web browsers, but still the web design has to be reviewed frequently and advertising concepts need to be readapted. If you’re looking for a Media Designer and Web Designer in Monaco to support you with the design, the implementation and the maintenance of websites or online applications like business portals or web shops, I’d be glad to help you.

Media Designer with Design Studio in Monaco

I’m planning to relocate my media design business to Monaco and to become a Monaco resident. That’s why I’m looking forward to working with regular clients from Monaco and the entire French Riviera, for example from Cannes, Nice or Saint-Tropez. Currently I’m not able to offer training places for young people or jobs or internships as Media Designer in Monaco, because I still work at many different locations. As soon as I will have relocated my Media Design studio to Monaco, I will post a message on my Facebook page