Booking a Photographer in Monaco doesn’t automatically mean getting a Photo permission in Monaco. If the Photo Shoot is to take place in public, we have to apply for a written permission with the CENTRE DE PRESSE DE MONACO, 10 Quai Antoine 1er, MC 98000 - MONACO. If you search for request an authorisation on you will find all necessary information. The Form „Request to shoot in the Principality of Monaco“ can be downloaded as PDF document and has to be submitted 15 days before the Photo Shoot.

Booking a Photographer in Monaco, setting up Photo Shoots with permission from the SBM

Fotografie Fairmont Hotel in Monaco an der Französischen Riviera

Photographing in Monaco

Photographing in Monaco: Some buildings and places in Monaco require a Photo Permission from the SBM.

The Société des bains de mer de Monaco (SBM) owns and manages all the important establishments like the Opéra de Monaco, the Casino de Monte Carlo, Jimmy’z Sporting Monte-Carlo, Jimmy’z Place du Casino, Sea Lounge Monte-Carlo, La Rascasse, Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo, Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, Crystal Bar, Blue Gin, Crystal Terrace, Le Bar Américain, Bar Salle Blanche or the Villa La Vigie. The SBM staff is friendly and will help organize events. Before we set up a Photo Shoot in Monaco, it has to be approved. Members of the SBM staff, security personnel or police officers will check whether we have the necessary permissions.

Booking a Photographer in Monaco – Checklist

If you’d like to book us as Photographers in Monaco, please provide the following information:

  •   What would you like to have Photos of?
  •   When and where should the Photo Shoot to take place? Date, Time
  •   What’s the intended use of the Photos and the Film recordings we produce?
  •   Do we need Photo Models, make-up artists, stylists or other assistants?
  •   Who is responsible for the Photo Shoot and who is our contact in Monaco?
  •   Have you applied for a Photo permission and has the Photo Shoot been approved?

Everybody loves to have professional Photos of family events, weddings or one’s private home. Good-looking women and men who dream of working as Photo Models need Photos for their sed cards. Young ladies would give everything for a professional Photo Shoot where they are photographed like Jennifer Lopez. Being photographed in designer dresses with beautiful make up and a perfect hairstyle no longer has to be just a dream – we can make it come true! You can book us as Photographers for such extraordinary Photo Shoots in the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera or Spain.

Of course, there’s kindergarten, school, wedding and jewelry Photography. But we leave that to other Photographers who specialize in those fields. What we offer is staged Advertising Photography of a high artistic value. We take the time to make sure that every object is perfectly illuminated.

Taking Photos of hotels and hotel rooms in Monaco

A permission from the SBM is required to take Photos of hotels and hotel rooms in Monaco. The SBM manages luxury hotels like the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel. Travel businesses which organize events in Monaco and would like to take Photos of hotel rooms, juniors suites, suites or diamond suites and use them for their promotional material are not allowed to do so without approval.

Basic principles for Photo Shoots in Monaco

A written permission is required to publish Photos of persons and their private property or to use them for promotional purposes. The dress code in Monaco is more strict than in France. In some areas, it’s not very different from the one in the Vatican City. At social, cultural or business events and especially during Photo Shoots, it is essential to follow the dress code. The etiquette of the princely house must not be violated.

Photo Shoots we don’t offer

We are not available for paparazzi photos, photo montages or photos which might be offensive to some people. We don’t use photography drones. We don’t take secret photos of Monseigneur Son Altesse Sérénissime le Prince Albert II, his sister Caroline of Hanover, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, or Princess Charlène of Monaco and their family members.

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